Phage Display

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Phage Display

Rx Biosciences provides quality custom phage display library construction and screening services for biological research and drug discovery related projects. The gene of interest is randomly mutated to produce various combinations of the peptides or small antibodies [e.g. scFv and Fab] or proteins which get displayed on the surface of a filamentous phage [M13, fd, and f1 strains] as fusion proteins. Using a binding affinity-based process called panning; a small number of phages that display proteins specifically binding to a target of interest are recovered from the phage library that usually has a repertoire of many billions of unique displayed proteins. Finally, the proteins displayed by the selected phages are identified by phage amplification followed by DNA sequencing.



  • Construction of phage display cDNA library
  • Construction of phage display peptide library with 1×108 to 1x 109 diversity
  • Panning of the library clones by affinity chromatography and amplification (4 rounds)
  • Screening of Ph.D. 7, Ph.D. 12 and Ph.D. C7C libraries from NEB
  • Screening of phage display cDNA library
  • Screening of phage display antibody library
  • Expression and purification of ScFV and Fab antibodies in bacterial cells
  • Conversion of ScFv & Fab antibodies into humanized IgGs and expression in mammalian cells

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