Lambda Phage

Rx Biosciences prepares genomic libraries in the lambda phage vector such as lambda Dash II, EMBL3, and others. We specialize in the construction of libraries from micro- quantities of the specimen such as trace amount of genomic DNA, chromosomes, uncultured environmental microbes, or base-modified phages. Highly methylated DNA, contamination with polysaccharides or phenolic compounds or restriction enzyme resistant DNA samples are successfully used to generate high quality libraries.  The libraries are provided to the customer after rigorous Q.C. testing.



  • Vector of your choice such as lambda Dash II, EMBL 3, lambda FIX II
  • Average insert size from 15 to 23 kb.
  • Guaranteed number of primary clones for complete genome coverage
  • >95% recombinants
  • Supplied as amplified or un-amplified library
  • Quick turn around time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Library screening service is also provided
Additional Features:

  • Pools of the primary clones can be supplied
  • Library screening service is also provided