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RNA Isolation

Rx Biosciences offers total RNA and mRNA isolation services from a variety of samples such as blood, animal tissues, plants, cells and other biological specimens. The RNA, isolated by us, is free from genomic DNA (DNAse I treated) and other contaminants (polysaccharides and phenolic compounds). The quality of the RNA is checked by measuring absorbencies at 260nm and 280 nm wavelengths and by performing denaturing agarose gels. The RNA thus isolated is highly suitable for microarray analysis, northern blotting, QRTPCR, in vitro translation, RNase protection assay, full-length gene cloning, and library construction.



  • High quality total RNA and mRNA
  • Free from genomic DNA and salts
  • Quantitation by fluorometric assay for very low amount samples (pg or ng quantity)
  • Additional services such as preparation of labeled probes for microarrays, first strand synthesis for QRTPCR, mRNA isolation are also offered

Additional Services:

  • First strand synthesis
  • Dot blots
  • Northern Blots
  • Cy-3 and Cy-5 labeling
  • Synthesis of cRNA

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