Rx Biosciences offers shotgun library construction service for variety of samples including genomic, viral, BAC, PAC, and cosmid insert DNAs. The library is made in pUC 18 sequencing vector utilizing ‘Double Adapter’ method, the technique used in BCM-HGSC for completing the Human Genome Project.



  • Insert size of customer’s choice (typically 1-3kb)
  • 1- 8x genome coverage
  • Q.C. by restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing
  • Libraries are supplied as glycerol stock, on LB-amp plates or ligated DNA
  • Plating, picking, and arraying of colonies in 96- or 384-well plates
  • Plasmid DNA preparation and high-throughput sequencing services offered at $4/reaction (DNA isolation cost included)
  • Services related to physical mapping such as contig assembly, BLAST analysis and searching of database etc offered
Additional Features:

  • Plating, picking, and arraying colonies into 96- or 384-well plate format
  • Plasmid DNA prep
  • High-throughput sequencing
  • 1x – 8x, up to full-length coverage
  • Contig assembly and physical mapping
  • Primer design and synthesis
  • BLAST and other database searches
  • Data delivered in electronic format on CD- or DVD-ROM
  • A complete project report