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BAC Library

Rx Biosciences offers custom BAC library construction and other related services to its customers. We have made several BAC libraries including-blueberry, Tunisia, mustard, soybean, poppy, rice, willow, cactus, mouse, human, rat, cobra, Xanthomonas, nematodes, cicada, micro-organisms from various soil and rock sediments (See List). Rx Biosciences has been associated with number of long-term BAC cloning and sequencing projects for customers from all over the world. Our clients include USDA, NIH, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations.



  • Method of your choice-Shearing or Restriction Enzyme
  • Guaranteed coverage and insert size (100 to 150 kb)
  • Quick turn around time
  • Improved protocols
  • Capacity to handle large projects
  • Libraries belong to the client – NEVER RESOLD
  • Competitive Price
  • Excellent customer service


Economy Package for BAC Clone isolation:

In projects where the investigator is looking for only one or few positive clones from the library, and does not need the remaining library in plates-Rx Biosciences offers the ‘economy package’ to its customers saving significant amount of cost and time.  In the economy package, the library construction is performed either by random shearing or restriction enzyme methods in steps and harvested as pools of 100 to 1000 primary clones. He pools are screened for the presence of desired positive clone(s).  In case the desired clone is not present in the pools, additional pools are made and screened until the desired cloned is obtained.  The pool containing the specific clone is spread on large plates and individual clones, grown as glycerol stock and further screened by quickly making pools and super pools or by arraying on the nylon membrane. In this manner, the researcher gets the desired clone in fraction of the cost of the project.



  • Saves a lot of cost by eliminating clone picking in 384-well plates.
  • Eliminates large space required in the ultra-freezer.
  • Pools of primary clones can be delivered to the customer for screening by his own method.
  • Clones rapidly isolated and sequenced by NGS.

To receive a custom quote contact us with the following information. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Name of the Organism (optional)
  • Genome Size
  • Coverage and insert size required
  • Picking of individual clones-Yes/No
  • Gridding on nylon membranes-Yes/No
  • Preparation of pools and super-pools-yes/No
  • Library screening-Yes/No
  • Duplicate Plates-Yes/No
  • Additional copies to be stored-Yes/No
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