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Surface Display Services

Rx Biosciences provides an array of custom surface display services including bacterial display,  ribosome display, yeast display and the phage display.  All display services include the construction and screening of libraries of highest possible diversity followed by characterization of the ligands panned out after the final screening. Rx Biosciences also provides ligand discovery and affinity maturation services for the ligand-mediated target purification or assay development. Following different types of libraries are prepared by Rx Biosciences in different in-house and  commercially available display systems.


Key Features:

  • Peptide Libraries
  • cDNA libraries
  • Antibody Libraries (Fab, scFv, (Fab) 2, nanobody, bispecific, chimeric, humanized)

Our scientists perform extensive and careful designing of the desired sequence for codon optimization, randomization, and mutation, insertion of reporter gene sequences or tags to facilitate subsequent detection /purification of the desired ligand, cDNA or the antibody. For cDNA phage display libraries, Rx Biosciences uses a novel protocol, which avoids restriction enzyme mediated cDNA truncation, as commonly used by other vendors for cDNA cloning.  Hence our protocol enhances the chance of display of full length proteins at the surface of the phages.  Rx Biosciences also constructs normalized, subtracted and full-length cDNA libraries in different phage display vectors. We pioneer in recombinant antibody library construction, screening and overexpression for large scale isolation and purification of monoclonal antibodies.


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