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Cosmid/Fosmid Library

Rx Biosciences offers custom genomic library construction in cosmid and Fosmid vectors. Both random sheared and restriction enzyme digested genomic DNA are used for library construction. High molecular weight purified DNA is either randomly sheared or digested with Sau3A1 and fractionated over sucrose density gradient to minimize shearing. The size fractionated DNA of 30 to 40 kb are pooled together, polished and ligated to the vector. The library is packaged and propagated in a suitable host cell. The library is provided to the customer after rigorous Q.C. testing.



  • Guaranteed genome coverage
  • Method of choice-random shearing or restriction enzyme
  • Insert size-30 kb to 42 kb
  • Q.C. by restriction digestion
  • Diversity testing by clone finger printing
  • 100% recombinants
  • Custom library screening service offered
Additional Features:

  • Clones from the library can be arrayed on Nylon membranes
  • Primary clone pools and superpools can be prepared

Partial digestion of
gDNA with Sau3A1
during cosmid library
preparation                               Cosmid clones digested with BamHI