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Normalized cDNA Library

Rx Biosciences constructs normalized cDNA libraries in which high-copy gene sequences are selectively removed resulting into the enrichment of low copy and rare genes in the library.  As per customer’s request we employ either the technology in which the double stranded cDNA clones of a regular library are converted into single stranded circles, hybridized with cRNA and unhybridized singled stranded circular plasmids are converted into double stranded plasmids or the normalization of high copy genes is performed at the mRNA level before library construction. PCR based technique is also used as per customer’s request and sample requirement.



  • Normalized libraries with different Cot values (Cot 10, Cot 50, Cot 100)
  • Normalization confirmed at various steps by northern, Q RT PCR, colony hybridization or sequencing
  • Select the vector of your choice
  • Both non-normalized (N0) and normalized (N1) libraries are delivered
  • Receive two size fractionated libraries (0.4kb-2.0kb and 2.0 kb and up) for each sample
  • 90-100% recombination efficiency
  • >5 million primary clones supplied
  • Phage resistant host competent cells used for propagation
  • 250-500 µg endo-toxin free transfection grade DNA supplied with the library
  • Semi-solid amplification procedure adapted for amplification that prevents biased clone representation

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