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Full Length cDNA

Rx Biosciences constructs full-length cDNA libraries from selectively captured full-length mRNAs using a proprietary technology. Using a novel reverse transcriptase which successfully transcribes RNA that is even larger than 15 kb the first strands are synthesized with oligo dT primer. The first and second strands are synthesized using special chemistry that abolishes secondary structures and interruptions usually encountered due to high GC rich regions present in the template. Rx Biosciences generates libraries starting from micro-quantities of total RNA obtained from hard-to-procure samples such as blood samples from patients, LCM dissected tissues or FACS sorted cells. The libraries are delivered using high efficiency phage resistant E. coli competent host cells.



  • Select the vector of your choice such as two-hybrid, retroviral or toxic vector
  • >70% guaranteed full-length clones
  • Receive two size fractionated libraries (0.4kb-2.0kb and 2.0 kb and up)
  • 90-100% recombination efficiency
  • >5 million primary clones supplied
  • Phage resistant host competent cells used for propagation
  • 250-500 µg endo-toxin free DNA supplied with the library
  • Semi-solid amplification procedure for amplification to prevent biased clone representation

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