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Bacterial Display

Rx Biosciences offers construction and screening of custom bacterial display libraries of small peptides. The library is useful in ligand discovery, antibody-antigen binding affinity study and identification of targets. Libraries of polypeptides displayed on the surface of bacteria are screened using flow cytometry or routinely used selection procedures (biopanning). The library is created by combining a highly diverse collection of synthetically-constructed randomized peptide sequences using a unique proprietary technique. The library has been specifically optimized to eliminate unwanted stop codons and aggregation-prone sequences. As in a phage display, the peptides the bacterial display peptides are expressed at the surface (plasma membrane) as a conjugated protein. The expression of the peptides is inducible.


We accept customer supplied vectors also and the customer owns the exclusive rights.



  • Maximized, uniform & extensive randomization of peptides ranging between 8 to 30 amino acids achieved by NNK, Split-mix-split synthesis or Tri-mer codon strategies.
  • Codon optimization is performed based on host cells in use to maximize the presence of amino acid sequences at the surface of the phage encoded by the inserted DNA sequences
  • Internal control tags, such as cMyc, and/or purification tags are incorporated as per project requirement.
  • Purification of oligos on polyacrylamide (denaturing and native) gel to avoid truncated inserts > 10^9 to 10^10 diverse clones

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