RxBiosciences, Our Mission & Vision

With years of industry experience, we pride our selves in our innovative custom services!

Our Mission & Vision

At Rx Biosciences our mission & vision is to deliver high caliber services & products for research and development. Creating custom solutions for high demand projects in the biotech corridor.


About Us

Rx Biosciences is strategically located in the biotechnology corridor of Montgomery County, Maryland, USA in close proximity to major clients such as, NIH, NCI, USDA, DOD, and leading universities and research organizations.

Over past 10 years, Rx Biosciences has designed and developed novel modules and technologies to enhance research in protein engineering and genetic recombination. Staff at Rx Biosciences come from diverse and strong backgrounds often with years of research experience. With a state-of-the-art research facility, Rx Biosciences has a up-to-date infrastructure for handling small and large scale projects. Our labs are well equipped with the latest scientific devices including, fully automated Affymetrix platform for micro-array analysis, ABI, Illumina and Beckman sequencers, Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, ultra-centrifuge, liquid handling platform, cell culture and animal house facilities.


The major activities of Rx Biosciences

Contract Research Services:

We provide custom antibody generation and modulation services such as raising polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies using conventional methods, preparation of scFv, Fab, nanobody and IgNAR libraries in phage-display vectors, antibody maturation, humanization and assay development. In additional to phage display, other display services, such as bacterial, yeast, mRNA and ribosomal display services are also offered
Rx Biosciences also provides various cDNA and genomic library construction services including libraries in phage display and BAC vectors.
Rx Biosciences also specializes in the isolation of bulk amounts of endo-toxin free high grade plasmid and viral DNA.

Research and Development

Researchers at Rx Biosciences are constantly trying to identify genes involved in the onset and progression of prostate cancer and leukemia. Currently, Rx Biosciences has been funded by NCI to identify substrates for Pim-1 kinase of great clinical importance. The technology being developed by us will identify substrate phosphorylation in real-time.
Rx Biosciences is also developing technology to silence the gene of interest in a more controlled and guided manner. The technology is expected to be more efficient than siRNA based technologies.

Product Development:

Rx Biosciences is vigorously pursuing patenting, producing and marketing an array of products to facilitate drug discovery and targeted delivery through ligands.

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