Isolation of DNA from BAC Library

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Isolation of DNA from BAC Library

Rx Biosciences offers high throughput BAC DNA isolation service. Using proprietary protocols, high throughput DNA isolation platform and automatic liquid handling systems, a large number of samples are processed simultaneously. The isolated DNA is suitable for BAC end sequencing and physical mapping.



  • Very cost effective
  • Highly purified and consistent yield across the wells
  • Sequencing grade DNA, more than 85% samples produce 650-900 bp readouts
  • Free from RNA, proteins and salts with minimum chromosomal DNA
  • High yield-1ug to 5 ug in 25 to 50 ul of water
  • DNA samples from each plate are run on agarose gel for QC
  • Delivered in 96 or 384-well plates to meet sequencing platform requirements
  • Plates are tightly sealed with sterile high quality aluminum film in order to avoid leakage and cross contamination
  • Plates can also be heat-sealed upon request













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