Library Construction by Random Shearing

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Library Construction by Random Shearing

Rx Biosciences is the ONLY SECOND Company in the world which offers construction of BAC libraries by random shearing approach. Our technology possesses several features that are superior to our competitor’s protocols allowing more efficient cloning of blunt ended genomic DNA.  We use inducible pCC1 vector for preparing larger quantity of DNA from BAC clones for sequencing and, or restriction enzyme digestion.



  • Preparation of organelle free pure nuclei (chloroplast/mitochondrial contamination free)
  • Precise monitoring of shearing of the genomic DNA by viscometer
  • Ligation of unique adapters at the end to enhance efficiency and clone insert size
  • Higher ligation efficiency due to cohesive end ligation
  • Maximum genome coverage with minimum or no gaps
  • Cloning of restriction enzyme digestion resistant, AT-rich, GC-rich, un-clonable, and/or large-insert DNA fragments including telomeres
  • Save valuable time and cost in sequencing of the genome or clone hunting

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