Peptide Library

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Peptide Library

Library of 7-30 amino acids in M13KE as protein III conjugates.

Library of 7-10 amino acids in M13KE as protein VIII conjugates.

Library of 50 amino acids in T7 Select series of vectors (Novagen).



  • Maximized, uniform & extensive randomization of peptides ranging between 8 to 30 amino acids achieved by NNK, Split-mix-split synthesis or Tri-mer codon strategies.
  • Codon optimization is performed based on host cells in use to maximize the presence of amino acid sequences at the surface of the phage encoded by the inserted DNA sequences
  • Internal control tags, such as cMyc, and/or purification tags are incorporated as per project requirement.
  • Purification of oligos on polyacrylamide (denaturing and native) gel to avoid truncated inserts
    ->10 09-10 diverse clones

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