Phage Display Library Screening

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Phage Display Library Screening

Rx Biosciences offers surface display library screening service for the identification of peptide ligands for a variety of target molecules such as enzymes, antibodies, cell surface receptors, or other biological products. Antibody libraries are screened for isolation, over expression and purification of monoclonal antibodies and subsequent modulations.

Using a binding affinity-based process called panning; a small number of phages that display proteins (ligands) specifically binding to a target of interest are recovered from the phage library that usually has a repertoire of many billions of unique displayed proteins. After several rounds of panning, the proteins displayed by the selected phages are identified by phage amplification followed by DNA sequencing. We offer biopanning after immobilization of the target molecules on a solid surface (Bioassay plates), beads, or in solution followed by streptavidin based capturing.



  • Screening of commercially available peptide libraries such as PhD7, PhD7C7 and PhDC12
  • Screening of in-house or customer supplied yeast display library
  • Screening of ribosome display library
  • Epitope and mimotope mapping of antibodies
  • Screening of cDNA phage-display Library
  • Expression and purification of proteins after screening of a cDNA library
  • Screening of a recombinant antibody library
  • Expression and purification of ScFV and Fab antibodies in bacterial cells
  • Conversion of ScFv & Fab antibodies into humanized IgGs and expression in mammalian cells
  • Binding affinity validation by ELISA, western blotting and Biacore


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