Custom PhIP-Seq Service for Profiling of Autoantibodies

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Custom PhIP-Seq Service for Profiling of Autoantibodies

Rx Biosciences offers CustomPhage Immuno Precipitation Sequencing Service (PhIP Seq service) for profiling of autoantibodies in patients’ serum with phage display technology.  In this technology, a phage display library of predesigned oligopeptides of 50 to 90 amino acids is prepared in a modified T7 Select vector available with Rx biosciences.  The library is screened with a pool of antibodies isolated from a patient suffering from an autoimmune disorder. After hybridization, antibody-phage complexes are selectively captured by Protein A/G resin, and PCR amplified.  In the first round of PCR, the inserts of the library are amplified and purified.  In the second round of PCR, the indexes are attached to different samples created during the screening and sequenced upon MiSeq.  After sequencing, FastQ files are demultiplexed, aligned, and analyzed for the enrichment of patient-specific autoantibodies. PhIP-Seq experiments are useful in environmental exposures, allergies, ongoing or emerging autoimmune disorders, and responses to immunomodulatory therapies.

Features of our services:
  • Ready-to-Go modified T7 Select phage-display vector is available for immediate library construction.
  • One-Stop CRO for designing, library construction, immunoprecipitation, and NGS services.
  • Custom Vector modification project is accepted.
  • Fast turnaround time with approximately 2-3 weeks for library construction, 1 week for immunoprecipitation and 1-2 weeks for NGS.
  • Project customization and technical guidance are available throughout the project.
  • Cost-effective prices.

Services offered by us:
  • Gene synthesis, cloning, and library construction.
  • Screening of antibody pool by Immunoprecipitation using protein A/G resin.
  • NGS and analysis.
  • Validation Experiment.