Custom Flowcytometry Services

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Custom Flowcytometry Services

Rx Biosciences offers a comprehensive range of custom flowcytometry services including evaluation of cellular and signaling phenotypes, expression of recombinant proteins at cell surface, and their interaction with other biologically active moieties present in the vicinity. We utilize BD FACS Canto 2 and BD FACS Aria cell analyzer and cell sorter. Flow cytometry is an integral part of the biopanning, screening and validation of in vivo drug targets, antibody, receptor, and ligand interactions in Cell Surface Display platforms such as bacterial display, phage display, yeast display and ribosome display services offered by us.

Rx Biosciences also accepts other independent FACS-related services wherein the customer-designed experiments are conducted on our flow cytometers in order to obtain specific objectives related to cell growth changes, cytokine production, cellular division, and even intracellular signaling events.

Services offered by us:
  • Immuno-labeling of bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells with fluorescent dyes, such as FITC, SA-PE, or both, and analysis using appropriate positive and negative control cells. 
  • Binding assays with immunolabeled cells and target proteins and vice versa.
  • Calculation of mean fluorescent intensity (MFI), binding affinity at different concentrations of the protein, and target saturation assay.
  • Determination of stability scores after trypsin and chymotrypsin treatments by yeast display, sorting of surviving cells, and NGS.
  • Identification of recombinant proteins expressed at the cell surface.
  • Cell sorting according to the gating specifications provided by the client.
  • Additional services such as the isolation of DNA, RNA, and proteins from the sorted cells.
  • NGS for the DNA or RNA isolated from the sorted cells.
Features of our services:
  • High-quality analyses performed by experts.
  • In-house growth and maintenance of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells in our BSL1 and BSL2 facilities.
  • Short-term and long-term service contracts available Raw and analyzed raw data with scatter plots.