Viral RNA Isolation Kit

Qazi (Quick and Easy) Viral RNA Isolation Kit is a rapid, phenol-free, silica membrane column based system for the isolation of viral RNA from the specimens such as the buccal and nasal swabs, biopsy samples, cell-free body fluids such as serum, and tissue transport medium.

Readymade scFv Monoclonal Antibody Libraries

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High-quality NGS verified custom cDNA and genomic libraries

Restriction enzyme free construction of directional cDNA libraries

Cell-free and cell-based assays for drugs, antigens, proteins, enzymes and contaminants in biologics

Customized and ready-made license free phage and yeast display rAb libraries

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  Specialized Services

Custom Antibody Production

Rx Biosciences specializes in the production of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, humanized antibodies and engineered antibodies. With 10+ years of experience in the clinical and medical research industry, Rx Biosciences is your first choice for accelerating your research towards the clinical trials and/or advanced research.

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Surface Display Services

Rx Biosciences provides an array of custom surface display services including bacterial display, ribosome display, yeast display and the phage display. All display services include the construction and screening of libraries of highest possible diversity followed by characterization of the ligands panned out after the final screening.

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BAC Library

We have made several BAC libraries including-blueberry, Tunisia, mustard, soybean, poppy, rice, willow, cactus, mouse, human, rat, cobra, Xanthomonas, nematodes (See full list). Rx Biosciences has been associated with number of long-term BAC cloning and sequencing projects for customers from all over the world. Our clients include USDA, NIH, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations.

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