RNA&Rnase Away

RNA&Rnase Away



RNA & RNAseAway removes RNA and RNAse contamination from highly contaminated objects and places such as laboratory benches, pipettes, centrifuges, adapter, centrifuge tubes and surfaces such as plastic, glass, vinyl and stainless steel. Frequent treatment of laboratory equipment avoids unnecessary contamination of unwanted RNA and RNAse from glassware and plastic ware without affecting subsequent RNA samples. It is more effectively than autoclave.

Directions for use:

  • Liberally apply full strength RNA & RNAse Away to the surface to be decontaminated in a well ventilated area. Wipe the wet surface thoroughly with a laboratory wipe and repeat with another fresh laboratory wipe to remove any residue. Do not add to reaction. Items may also be soaked overnight in RNA/RNAse Away, rinsed in sterile deionized water and dried. Do not apply on aluminum, soft metals, or gaskets and seals.


  • Wear gloves while using this product. Protect eyes and the skin as it can cause severe eye burns and skin irritation. The product may be harmful if digested or inhaled and it is advised to seek medical assistance if inhaled. Avoid contact with clothing. Store the product in a tightly closed container in a closed location. Please request for MSDS for more information, if required. Keep out of reach of children.