Ligand Discovery and Affinity Maturation

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Ligand Discovery and Affinity Maturation

Rx Biosciences can help you find ideal ligands for the target of your interest by screening the existing libraries or by quickly preparing a desired phage display library and screening it for ligands. The ligands are then tested for their binding with the target molecules in various denaturing conditions to find out the changes in the binding affinity, stability and leaching of ligands from the ligand bound-resins. This study helps in preparation of affinity columns for the efficient purification of proteins, vaccines, drugs and other compounds by affinity chromatography. We can label the finally purified ligands with an enzyme or a fluorescent group to perform in cell free or cell based assays.


  • Ligands characterization by ELISA and surface plasma resonance (Biacore)
  • Ligands supplied with specificity, binding affinity, Pka and Pkd values
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Services offered for coupling of ligands with the resin
  • Fluorescent dye or enzyme conjugation for assay development

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