Antibody Humanization

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Antibody Humanization

Rx Biosciences provides robust, rapid and accurate antibody humanization by the traditional CDR grafting technique. We identify the CDRs from your antibody sequences using our own custom algorithms (a combination of traditional Kabat, IMGT and Chothia algorithms) and graft these into antibody frameworks carefully selected from a database of over 10,000 antibodies.  If required, the framework sequences are back-mutated to produce a panel of high affinity, full length, humanized antibodies for expression.


  • Next generation insilico CDR grafting platform
  • Improvements over traditional CDR grafting methods
  • T-Cell eptitope screening included in the design stage
  • Chimeric control included
  • 3D Structural predictions included
  • 2-fold affinity guaranteed
  • Antibodies from any species humanized
  • scFvs, Fabs and other antibodies humanized
  • Minimum of 10 humanized variants delivered in as little as 3-4 weeks


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